30A Sand Rover Rally on April 17-18, 2020

Presented by Land Rover Gulf Coast, this family-friendly event welcomes over 100 Land Rovers, Broncos, Jeeps, dune buggies, vintage military vehicles and assorted beach...

The Architectural Influences Along Scenic Highway 30A

Text by Mark Schnell; Photos by Kristy Gustafson A friend once joked that a trip down Scenic Highway 30A is the “It’s a Small World”...

This Thing Called Love: Meet 5 Monogamous Sea Creatures of the Gulf

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but a faithful few choose long-term love over playing the reef. While monogamy in fish...

Alys Beach Unveils ‘Recline in Blue’

Alys Beach, Florida, an EBSCO Industries New Urbanist development in northwest Florida, recently added a new sculptural installation to the landscape. Recline in Blue was...

Join 30A for a Summer Internship at the Beach

Looking for a summer internship? Head back to college this Fall bragging that you snagged the unicorn of internships – a summer at the...

What to Eat, See & Do at Alys Beach, Florida

By Kristy Gustafson You know it the minute you pass through its pearly white stucco gates: if this isn’t heaven, it’s gotta be close.   Behold Alys...

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Watersound Origins | Watersound
4 bd    3 ba    1 ½ ba    2410 sqft

Watersound Origins | Watersound
4 bd    3 ba    1 ½ ba    2550 sqft

Prominence/Luxury Townhomes | Inlet Beach
5 bd    5 ba    1 ½ ba    3743 sqft


Justin Gaffrey’s ‘Self Portrait’ Awaits You 60 Feet Below

In 2001, Justin Gaffrey was ready to rinse his schedule of furniture design and culinary arts. Instead, he was anxious to work hands-on and creatively in an effort to do what would make him...

Your Guide to the Best Hotels on 30A

Our coastal beach-town is brimming with emerald waters, sugary white sands and an endless summer, making it a popular holiday destination year-round. The area is dotted with some of the most picturesque hotels and...

17 Finds for Vegetarian/Vegan Options on 30A

From full menus to delicious one-off items, 30A has a respectable number of options for vegans and vegetarians at restaurants when the rest of the group is a bit more of an omnivore. Vegan vs....


30A Shirts Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles


Rosemary Beach Cam at Pescado
Sandestin Beach Cam
WaterSound Beach Club Cam


The Top 10 Surfer Movies of All Time

In the mood for a movie featuring waves and a lifestyle so carefree it makes you want to pack up your bags and live...

30A Weather & Travel Guide: Florida Weather Fluctuates. Be Prepared!

By Janellen Green If it’s picture-perfect white sand and crystal-clear water you desire, come to the 30A area in South Walton. We have beautiful weather...

5 Tips for Moving to the Beach

So, you’ve been dreaming of moving to South Walton for years, and now you’re finally getting to take that plunge. It’s an exciting time,...

Florida’s Lightning Whelks and Their Mysterious Egg Casings

You’ve most likely seen a whelk even if you don’t recognize the name. These pretty spiral shells provide the portable home for the large...

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